Tagging Instructions

  • Use 3×5 index cards following the instructions and illustration below.
  • Use only wire hangers: All clothing must be hung on wire hangers with the hanger hook pointing to the left so it looks like a question mark. Items on plastic hangers will be returned to you at drop-off. Plastic department-store children’s hangers (not the round tubular ones) are acceptable for sizes under 12 months only.
  • Place tag on the top right shoulder of your item.
  • Use 1-inch or larger safety pins. (No straight pins or gold safety pins)
  • Price in whole dollar amounts only (no less than $1.00)
  • Use number sizes only, such as 8, 10, etc.  (S, M, L are OK for maternity)
  • Pin sets together with pants or skirts behind the top
  • Secure multi-item lots by taping the hangers together at the neck
  • Securely tape all tags onto non-clothing items with clear packing tape. If possible only tape the top-this will make it easier to remove your tag when someone has bought your item.
  • If it works you can also use a safety pin to tag non-clothing items.
  • Put small pieces and parts in zip lock bags taped shut then securely attach to larger toy or item so it does not become separated.
  • Items requiring batteries must be in working order and have new batteries included
  • Shoes should be zip tied together and your tag pinned through the laces, lace holes or to shoe string.
  • For multi-book/video items place them in Ziploc bags and tape them shut. Make sure the covers are facing out on both sides of bag.
  • On higher-dollar items, include the original or current retail price if you know it – let people know what a great deal you’re offering! Leave the store tags on your item if your item has never been worn or used.
Tagging Instructions

See Example Tag Images Below

ALL tags need to be formatted vertically on the 3×5 index card tag, and pinned with 1 inch or larger safety pins. (using small safety pins may result in clothing falling off hanger and not selling)

Start writing at least one inch down from the top. Do not write in the top one inch area you are going to place your safety pin or your tape in this area. We will also be cutting the tag off inside the blank 1 inch top area when we are checking out the item. If you write above the one inch area, there is an increased chance that your tag will become separated from your vital information, such as your consignor number. When the tag is removed, your consignor number needs to be well below your tape or your safety pin.

1. On the upper left side of item (but not in violation of the 1 inch area), you will put your consignor number.
2. To the Right hand side across from your consignor number put boy or girl or Adult or Maternity and directly below put the size.
a. Please use number sizes instead of S, M, or Large. If we aren’t sure what size it is, it may end up in the wrong place.
b. Maternity can be sized in S, M, and L.
3. In the middle of the card there should be a brief description of the item. Justice Jeans with Glitter Stars. This allows the buyer to see that it is a Justice Brand. The description also helps if the tag becomes separated from the jeans, we have enough information to pair the item with its tag.
4. Bottom right corner is reserved for the price. Price in whole dollar amounts only.
5. If you do not want your item to be sold for half price place a Red ND next to the price. Make sure it’s a noticeable ND in Red Ink or Sharpie. This will help to notify us and buyers that you do not want to sell your item at half price during the half-price sale.
6. If your item is OK to sell for half price just put price as shown above and Do Not add the ND.

  • When placing your tag vertically on the right (as you look at it), make sure the pin is horizontal and catches the garment and the card twice.
  • For your protection – do not make corrections on tags. If changes are needed, make a new tag.
  • Only 1 consignor number per tag.
  • The consignor number used on your tags must match the number that was registered.
  • No tape or safety pins should be placed on or below the consignor number and size. This helps ensure you get paid for your sold item.
  • No tape should be placed on or above the price.
  • Tape cannot be placed on more than 2 sides of a tag.

jean far NDtag for no discount


You will determine the price of the items you are consigning, so price to sell. Use $1.00 increments rather than .50 cents, 0.99 cents, etc. Ask yourself if you would buy the item at the price you are asking. A good rule of thumb is 1/3 of original price if the item is in excellent condition or 1/4 of original price if the item is in good condition.